Walt Whitman, 1854, photo attributed to Gabriel Harrison

I’m fascinated by early photography, particularly Daguerrotypes and one of these days I hope to acquire some. In my regular internet browsing I came across this article. I hadn’t heard of Gabriel Harrison before, but it seems that he was one of the more renowned photographers of his time.

Gabriel Harrison was a true character and 19th century Renaissance Man.   Wikipedia defines a Renaissance Man as, "a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas."   That was Harrison, a man who lived a life devoted to the various Arts including Daguerrean Fine Art.

via Antique and Classic Cameras.

The Antique and Classic Cameras article doesn’t provide a lot of information (although it does provide a link to a very useful article: Gabriel Harrison – The Poetic Daguerrean by Grant B. Romer )
so I looked around on the internet and came across these two pieces:

S. J. Burr, “Gabriel Harrison and the Daguerrean Art,” March 1851. Published in: Photographic Art-Journal (New York) 1:3 (March 1851): 169–77.

Gabriel Harrison: Artist

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