View of the US Military Academy at West Point from Garrison Landing.

According to Wikipedia:

The Garrison Landing Historic District, also known as Garrison’s Landing, is a small commercial and residential area located between what is now the Metro-North Hudson Line and the Hudson River in Garrison, New York, United States. Its buildings were mostly erected in the 1850s, around the time the Hudson River Railroad, later the New York Central, laid the tracks. Much of the construction was spearheaded by the president of a local ferry company to provide rental housing for local workers. His descendants lived in the area until the late 20th century and led efforts to preserve it, founding and helping to run two organizations for that purpose.

Saint Joseph’s Chapel, Garrison, NY.

Gazebo in waterfront park. Not such a spectacular picture, but the site is of some historical significance. Wikipedia says:

The town of Garrison, New York, was the filming site for scenes in “Yonkers”. In the opening credits, the passenger train is traveling along the Hudson River. Provided by the Strasburg Rail Road, the train is pulled by Pennsylvania Railroad 1223 (now located in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania) retrofitted to resemble a New York Central & Hudson River locomotive. The locomotive used in “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” was restored specifically for the film and can be seen at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

The Poughkeepsie (Metro-North station) trackside platform was used at the beginning when Dolly was on her way to Yonkers.

The church scene was filmed on the grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, but the church’s facade was constructed only for the film. New York City scenes were filmed on the 20th Century-Fox lot in California. Some of the exteriors still exist.

The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations further elaborates:

For location filming, the town of Garrison, on the Hudson River, upstate New York, was ‘beautified’ to the tune of half a million dollars. Garrison is on Highway 9d, about 30 miles north of New York City , just over the Hudson from West Point Military Academy.

Some of the movie’s dressing remains, including the gazebo in Waterfront Park (though this was replaced in the Seventies, when the original temporary wooden structure rotted), and the fake barbershop façade.

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