It’s elusive not because it’s hard to find, but because I find it hard to get a decent picture of it. I’ve loved this statue ever since I started frequenting the nearby cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, NY. That’s almost 17 years now. On a number of occasions I’ve tried to take pictures of it but they never seem to work out (composition is off, light is bad, got the exposure wrong etc.). Today was no exception. I don’t mind the composition and the light wasn’t too bad, but I still got it wrong. I was trying to isolate the statue from the background and selected a wide aperture. Unfortunately I got too little depth of field so the gravestones to the front left are very soft. I was rushing to keep up with my wife and our dog who were disappearing over the horizon so I didn’t take additional shots with varied apertures. Ah well – I guess the statue is not going anywhere (and hopefully I’m not – at least not immediately) so I should have more opportunities. Actually as I look at it now – a day later I find it’s growing on me. The out of focus foreground and background certainly isolate the statue. And who said that things always have to be in focus

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