When it was freezing cold and snowy outside I didn’t get out a lot to take pictures. Instead I continued with a long overdue project to scan old prints and negatives and I started to take pictures inside the house. This is one of them. It’s a small gold painted cherub that hangs from a plant stand in our living room. Some time ago I bought a tripod. When I’m outside I don’t like to carry it around – too much weight for me. So I decided to try it indoors. Not surprisingly it really does make a difference, although I did find all the knobs and levers a bit intimidating at first. Which knob to turn for what reason was not at all obvious to me so everything took longer than it should have. I imagine that as I use it more it will become second nature.

Picture taken with a Sony NEX 5n and Konica Hexanon 50mm AR f1.7 with adapter.

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