In earlier posts I mentioned that when the weather was bad I started taking pictures indoors. The weather has now improved but I’m enjoying taking pictures of objects, still life etc. so I’m continuing. It was a nice day today and the snow has almost melted off our patio. So I could walk across it again for the first time in a couple of months. I’d been thinking of taking some pictures of this red cinnabar jar for some time and when I noticed that the snow had also gone from our glass topped patio table I thought it might be interesting to place the jar on top of it. So out I went. I quite like the result. I like the transition from the in-focus to the out of focus areas. It almost seems as if the jar is floating.

I was also trying out a new lens. A friend had been having trouble getting his ebay pictures to behave as he wanted them to so I lent a hand. He then brought out an old Nikon N2000/F301 (not exactly a treasure and apparently not working); a 50mm Nikon E-series (which I already have); and an 85mm f2 Nikkor. I like the 85mm focal length and although not the most favored of Nikkors I thought I’d try it out. He’s letting me use it for a while. If I like it enough I might buy it from him – if the price is right.


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