I’ve been to Little Stony Point several times. It’s quite close, rather picturesque (Beaches, Hudson River views, Cliffs with spectacular views; A small cave) and it’s an easy walk with the dog. It’s also close to Cold Spring so after the walk I can go for a coffee, a bite to eat or a quick beer – or if I want to walk some more find one of the many other trails around Cold Spring.

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Little Stony Point.
Hudson River from the cliffs at Little Stony Point.
Small cave at Little Stony Point.
Graffiti on the Rocks.

Taken in November 2013 with a Sony NEX 5n and Nikon 50mm f1.8 E-series. This lens doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The first consumer-oriented Nikon lens it used a lot of plastic and has often been disparaged. Nikon didn’t even give it the normal ‘Nikkor’ designation, preferring to call it ‘Nikon’ instead. It is, however, very small, very light and extremely sharp.

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