I have this lens on loan from a friend who discovered that he had an old Nikon N2000/F201 with two lenses: a 50mm f1.8 E-series and this one. I’ve been using it on my NEX 5N.

Some pictures taken with it can be found here:

Silver Balls.
Bird in Flight.
Blue and White.
Red Cinnabar Jar.

For a lens of this focal length it’s extremely small and fairly light weighing about 11oz. Five elements in five groups and a diaphragm with seven blades and a minimum aperture of f22. The lens focuses to about 2.8 feet and fits 52mm filters.

I’ve read that the faster 85mm Nikkors are better optically. I’ve never tried one so I can’t say, but this one seems fairly sharp to me. It feels solid and comfortable to me and while I’m fond of selective focus I can’t say that I’m a bokeh afficionado. Again I like what I’m getting. I’ve noticed a little chromatic aberration, but nothing too serious.

An excellent small, fast, compact, easy to carry around lens with great image and build quality.

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