Spring is here and I have to engage in one of my least favorite activities: gardening. My wife is really the gardener of the family and I will admit that I like it when the garden’s all a-bloom. It’s the process of getting to that point that I’m not keen on. My usual role is lifting large objects (e.g. bringing out the 20+ heavy plant pots with roses in them that every year we put into the basement) and digging holes. Today was a digging hole day. We have a lot of bushes with white, bell shaped bunches of flowers (I don’t know what they’re called) along the side of the house. Bees seem to be very fond of them and there were a large number these insects buzzing around. I noticed that they would stay on a clump of flowers for quite a while. This was good because I’m not great at photographing things that move a lot.

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