I seem to be coming to Rockwood Hall quite a lot and have already posted at least five times (I can think of a couple more but I can’t easily find them because the word ‘Rockwood’ doesn’t appear):

Bridge to Nowhere.
Rockwood Hall – Evening.
A Walk to Rockwood Hall.
Winding Path – Rockwood Hall.
Rockwood Hall – July 6, 2011 – early evening

This picture is taken across the grassy area looking towards the foundations of the former mansion i.e. in the direction of the Hudson, which is hidden from view on the other side. I like the way the foundations are framed by the trees. I imagine I’ll come again. It’s quite close and it’s a lovely place to walk around, take pictures (there are so many things to take pictures of) or even just to sit and read while admiring the stunning view of the river.

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