Front Facade.

I’ve posted about Northgate before in Former Stern/Cornish Mansion: Northgate , a ruined mansion just north of Cold Spring, NY. Although the ruin was essentially unchanged other things were different: Different time of year (May rather than December); Different Season (Spring rather than Winter) and perhaps most importantly a different camera/lens combination. The last time I was there I had my Nex 5N with a Nikon 50mm f1.8. While this is a decent combination it wasn’t entirely the right one in this case. The 50mm lens is equivalent to 75mm on my Nex. Unfortunately the woods came close to the ruins so it was hard to get a wide enough view of the mansion without going into the trees and having them obscure your view and clutter up the picture. This time I had the RX100 with its 28mm-100mm lens. This was fine for the wide angle shots.

In addition to the wider views I tried to find some new viewpoints and even some areas of the ruins that I had missed (e.g. the swimming pool) before.

The old swimming pool.

Ruined Mansion from the Swimming Pool

Steps to the Front Facade.


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