Five Swords, Alexander Calder and in the background Pyriamidian by Mark di Suvero.

I’ve posted a couple of times before on Storm King Art Center:

Something’s afoot at Storm King Art Center
Storm King Arts Center, New Windsor, NY

I find it a fascinating place and had the occasion to visit twice in rapid succession in the past few weeks: taking visiting friends. On the bus tour they mention that the best way to experience the center is to walk around it. I’d have to say that I agree with this. However, it’s a very large site so be prepared for a lot of walking. So far I’ve stuck to the bus tours and a little walking. I think I’ll go back early one morning and stay there all day. That way I can hop on and off the bus and also have time to walk around the various installations and see them in all of their glory.

Endless Column, Tal Streeter and The Arch, Alexander Calder.

Crescendo and Double Fountain, Mother and Child, For Anand. Lynda Benglis. Part of the Water Sources installation.

Volton XX by David Smith.

Volton XX by David Smith.

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