This dog lives about five minutes from where I do. There are actually three of them – the others can be seen in the background. He’s the brave one though. Whenever I pass with our dog, Harley they all charge down, yapping like crazy. However, they won’t go past a certain point – I assume because they have been trained using some kind of invisible fence. Lately I’ve taken to letting Harley go up their driveway to meet them. This is the only one of them willing to do so. He comes down to Harley and they wag tails and sniff at each other for a while. Then I continue with my walk leaving the other two looking disappointed. Maybe one of these days they’ll pluck up the courage to come closer too.

I’m actually quite pleased with this picture. It was a very bright day and in such conditions is almost impossible to see anything on the LED screen of the LX-3 so I was pretty much guessing as far as the composition went.

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