Washing the Elephants.

My mother loved elephants! So I’m sure that was one of the reasons I took these. I have to admit though that going for a ride was somewhat exciting for me. Since these were taken I’ve been on safari in Kenya and seen how different zoo/tame elephants are from the magnificent beasts that you see in the wild. Consequently it’s a bit hard for me to look back on these pictures and realize that to a certain extent I’ve endorsed keeping these animals in captivity. The first two pictures were taken at Ayutthya and the third at Bang Pa In. I don’t recall where the final one was taken – presumably part of an elephant show. I do remember that one part of the show involved getting volunteers to lie down while an elephant stepped over them. I also remember hearing that not too long afterwards an elephant misjudged its stride, stepped on and killed someone (can’t verify this though). That’s why I wasn’t one of the volunteers.

On the road. Clearly I was on one of the elephants when this was taken.

Topiary elephants at Bang Pa In.


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