After wandering around on the riverfront in Peekskill I took the train down to Scarborough (the closest station to our house in Briarcliff Manor) where my wife was going to pick me up. We planned to go to a presentation on “Historic Downtown Ossining” given by the Ossining Historical Society at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. When I got off the train I noticed these stained glass windows on the river side of the platform. Apparently they make up part of “Untitled with Sky” (2010), stained glass windows and sculptural sitting facilities. They are by Liliana Porter in collaboration with Ana Tiscornia. There are supposed to be six panels, but I only noticed three. Maybe the others are now elsewhere in the station – perhaps on another platform. The MTA describes the work as follows:

Faceted glass in windscreen of the station platform; Glass mosaic sculptural seats in plaza area
Untitled with Sky explores the boundaries between illusion – six faceted glass windows and twelve sculptural seats clad in mosaic that depict a beautiful sky as it changes from morning to evening – and “truth,” – the actual sky as it appears on either side of the art glass. Created in swirling, curved shapes in a variety of blues, purples, and rose, the work brings color and brightness to the platform where commuters wait for their morning train. The sculptural seats echo the contours and color of the windows and provide an amenity for Metro-North customers.

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