I went to the riverfront in Peekskill to take some pictures the other day. My wife needed the car so she dropped me in Cold Spring and I took the train down. It was a very hot day and when I got there the sun was still very high and the light wasn’t good so I decided to wait for a while to see if it would improve (it didn’t and I couldn’t stay long enough to see if it would). I’d been to the Peekskill Brewery before – but in its previous location a bit closer to the train station. This was my first time in the new building. The top two floors are not open to the public. The first floor contains a restaurant and the ground floor the tap room (also serves food) and the brewery. Yes the Peekskill Brewery is not just the name of a restaurant. It actually is a brewery – and a fine selection of craft beers they have too.

Interior. The Tap Room.

A view of the brewery.

Another view of the brewery.

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