We went to Danbury Fair Mall yesterday. My wife dropped me off at Barnes and Noble (see At the Bookstore) and after I’d spent a while there I walked back to the mall to wait for her. As I was walking back across the parking lot I came across a group (flock??) of seagulls lying down in the sun and thought to myself: “There must be a picture there somewhere”. As I got closer it occurred to me that they’d eventually take off and I might be able to get a picture of one of them in flight. Sure enough this is what happened. They did take to the air, but didn’t fly very far – just far enough to get out of range. I managed to get this shot just as one of them was coming in to land again. To me it looks a bit like a drawing. The bright sunlight made it very contrasty and I increased the contrast even more to get the look I wanted. I also liked the look on his/her face, as if to say: “Ha! Thought you could catch me did you?”

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