The museum’s web site provides the following information:

As built, this was an E-7 diesel-electric demonstrator unit which was labeled “The Train of Tomorrow”, a four-car domed streamliner. This train made two visits to Connecticut – once in November 1948 and again in April 1949. In 1964, it was converted to an E-8 by the Union Pacific (UP) which ran it for passenger service between Chicago and the West Coast. In May, 1971, they sold it to AMTRAK which, in 1974, replaced the two 1200 hp ‘567’ engines installed by UP with two 1300-hp ‘645’ V-12 prime mover engines making it an E-9A unit with 2600-hp. AMTRAK first used it for service out of Boston and then out of Virginia on the AutoTrain run to Florida. It is said to have made the last run when AutoTrain was suspended. Before AMTRAK resumed that service 417 was sent to the boneyard in New Haven where it was rescued by the Connecticut Valley RR Club. Desiring to show the colors of something like it that ran in New England they thought of New York Central’s Boston to Albany run which was once an E-8. They chose Number 4096 as it is the next number after the last E-series the New York Central ran (although this engine never ran as NYC).

Taken in June, 2013 with a Sony Nex 5N and 18-55mm kit lens at the Railway Museum in Danbury, Connecticut.

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