Taken at Greenwich Point Park, Old Greenwich, Connecticut – around 7:00 am and the light was wonderful. This is one of the relatively few times I’ve been able to get up early enough to take advantage of such great light. Sometimes when I’ve gotten up very early it’s turned out to be a total waste of time because I haven’t done my research well enough. I’ve checked the direction of the sun, but haven’t taken into account that I live in the Hudson valley and there are lots of hills which often cause locations to fall into deep shadow early in the morning. On this occasion I was by the sea as the sun was rising with nothing at all to disrupt it. The light was low and surprisingly warm. I always thought that morning light was a lot cooler than evening light, but this light looks pretty warm to me. It was well worth the effort of getting up early!

Taken in November, 2011 with a Sony NEX 5N and 18-55mm kit lens. It wasn’t long after I got the camera and maybe the fact that I had a shiny, new toy was enough to make me get up so early. Many of the pictures I took around this time are JPGs so I seem not to have been shooting in RAW at that point. Looking back over my pictures I see that I don’t start shooting RAW until almost three months later! I don’t remember exactly why I decided to change – probably for the usual reason: more flexibility in post processing. I quite enjoy post processing so having to process the RAW files would not have been a problem for me.

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