I’ve missed a lot of good (or at least interesting pictures), many of them because I didn’t have a camera with me at the time. This happens less frequently now that I have the Sony RX-100 (model 1), which is so small that I can easily carry it around anywhere. This is one that I missed.

We went to see a new production of “A Chorus Line” in 2008. We’d seen it before (I’d seen it in the original production around 1975). The (relatively minor but important) role of Zach was played by Mario Lopez who my wife was familiar with from “Dancing with the Stars” and who was considered “hot” at that time (maybe still is for all I know). So off we went.

As we were waiting on line to go into the theater a lot of people were taking pictures of themselves in front of a poster of Mr. Lopez – a poster very much like the one above (The picture isn’t mine). As the line moved the people taking the picture disappeared and a single, slightly lonely looking gentleman was left in front of the poster using his cell phone. It was the now late (he passed away in 2012), great Marvin Hamlisch who wrote the lyrics for “A Chorus Line”, and is one of only 10 people to win three or more Oscars in a single night. He also won two Golden Globes and is one of only two people to have also won in addition a Pulitzer Prize. Everyone knew who Mario Lopez was, but nobody seemed to recognize Mr. Hamlisch.

Of course I didn’t have a camera with me and the opportunity was lost. Apparently some well know photographer (I believe it was Chase Jarvis) was once asked what the best camera was. He replied “The best camera is the one you have with you”. How true!

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