In the previous post (A Couple of Buildings on Main Mall Row, Poughkeepsie, NY) I mentioned that there were a lot of lovely buildings in Poughkeepsie. While that’s certainly true there are also a lot of boarded up shop fronts and abandoned houses. This seems to be typical of many of the larger Hudson Valley river towns. It’s been a long transition from the largely industrial days of the past to re-inventing themselves according to a different model. I suppose Cold Spring is a good example of a successful transition. Without any real knowledge I get the feeling that Poughkeepsie is on the way back.

This house was on a street parallel to Main Street. I couldn’t help wondering which came first: had the house fallen into disrepair and then been abandoned? Or was it abandoned first and then felt into disrepair afterwards? I suppose it doesn’t really manner as the likely root cause for both is financial.

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