Some excitement in the Village of Briarcliff Manor. Apparently there was a fierce fire last Saturday at the pavilion overlooking the village pool in Law Park. The fire started around 9:00 pm, quickly engulfing the structure in flames. The Briarcliff Manor fire department is very close to the park so one would assume that they got there quickly. Nevertheless firefighters were said to be still on the scene around 10:30pm.

The flames and smoke were visible from some distance away. Thankfully our house is not in the village proper and so was in no danger of being affected by the fire.

Hopefully the Village has good insurance and rebuilding the pavilion will not have an adverse effect on our already ridiculously high taxes.

The pictures in this post were taken about a week later. Although the pavilion is still standing you can see the effects of the fire.

Charred Timbers

Damaged Roof

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