I was walking across one of the playing fields in Briarcliff Manor when I came across a small goal. I don’t know to what sport it relates (it’s too small for soccer; maybe lacrosse?). I was drawn to the patterns made by the nets; the contrast between the white netting and the darker grass; and the straight and curved lines. I got out the camera (the Sony RX-100 that I almost always have with me) and took a few shots, only to notice an orange light flashing in the top left corner of the LCD: “NO CARD”. “Oh #*?!!” I thought “I must have left the card in the card reader (it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done this). Disappointed and annoyed I wandered off. Some time later I reached the far side of Law Park when it occurred to me that I had an old 4Gb card in the pocket of my camera bag. As I was changing it I noticed that in fact the original card had not been left in the card reader – instead it had just come loose (maybe because I had dropped the camera earlier – thankfully the camera was in its padded case and fell on something soft so there was no damage). After securing the card off I went back to nets.

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