I’ve posted about Germaine before in Germaine. She’s still going strong and today invited us to an impromptu lunch. She also invited another friend: our neighbor, Muriel. It was supposed to be just sandwiches, but if you read the linked post you’ll realize that Germaine does not do things by halves – particularly where cooking is concerned. We had a great time despite a few slight accidents: I managed to dribble some red wine on Germaine’s lovely table cloth (hand emroidered by her mother apparently); Muriel tipped her wine glass over onto the table cloth too. And finally Germaine herself managed to spill her coffee. She assured us that this had happened before and that the table cloth had survived unscathed.

Germaine has a lovely house located at the north end of the lake and I took advantage of the lunch to take a few pictures. Unfortunately (and unbelievably) I forgot to bring a camera and had to use my wife’s iphone.

The first batch of pictures were taken of her view of the lake and of objects in her garden:

I think I’ll always associate Germaine with cooking so the last few pictures are taken in, and around, her kitchen.

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