This is the 1000 post to this blog. The first post is dated 5 October 2011 and the 500th post is dated 28 December 2014. So it took me about three years to do the first 500 posts and a little over one year to do the second 500. Since my main objective in starting this blog was to make me keep taking pictures, I suppose I’ve been successful. In the 500th post I noted:

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just feeding the blog. Am I taking pictures just so that I can keep the blog up to date – i.e. am I just taking pictures for the sake of it rather than thinking through why I’m taking the picture? I also enjoy the post production part and from time to time wonder if I’m more of an ‘editor’ than I am a ‘photographer’. Am I just taking snapshots and then slightly improving them in post-production? Maybe time will tell.

I still have these concerns and I continue to search for a subject that I’m passionate about (I have yet to find one). All things considered I enjoy taking the pictures and maintaining this blog. It keeps my brain from ossifying and fills my time. So I see no reason not to continue with it.

Incidentally the picture above is of shoots on a potato. I saw it sitting on our kitchen counter and was struck by the strange forms – almost alien like.

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