Mural by the entrance.

January 10 is our wedding anniversary and we decided to go to La Cremaillaire in Banksville. It’s a lovely place: although billed as a “French Country Restaurant” (which it certainly is) it also has many of the characteristics of a certain type of English Pub (low ceilings; wooden beams; lots of brass and numerous ceramic ornaments etc.), which I miss quite a bit. The setting is great (a former farm house dating back to 1750) and the food is wonderful. We had a terrific time.

It was pretty dark inside and I didn’t have high hopes for the pictures, but they didn’t turn out as badly as I thought they would.

One of the dining rooms.

Porcelain chickens on a mantel.

My wife with her Kir Royale.

Sign in the bathroom. I had to include this because my wife worked for years in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.

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