For once it’s not me walking the dog, but me taking a picture of someone walking the dog. This was taken with a NEX-5n and 18-55mm kit lens. It was soon after I got the camera and I wasn’t all that familiar with it. It was early in the morning in November 2011 and I was walking in a park in Greenwich, Ct. Suddenly this group came out of nowhere and I took the picture.

At the time I wasn’t thinking much about why I took it, but in retrospect there are a few things I like. First I’m happy that I got something half way decent. Usually if it moves I miss it. Second I like the way that the adult’s feet are just about off the ground. Third I love the size of the dog and as I look at the picture again I notice that he/she is wearing a small hat. Finally I like the look on the child’s face. He’s obviously seen me taking the picture.

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