Our friend, Andres was visiting from Geneva so we went into NY City to have lunch. We’ve known Andres for about 25 years, first meeting when we were both working in Geneva. We moved back Geneva and he moved back and forth between Geneva and NY a couple of times before we both retired in 2012. He returned to Geneva and we stayed in NY. We’ve kept in touch but haven’t seen each other for about four years.

This picture was taken in a restaurant (I think it was the Sidewalk Bistro) in Piermont, NY in 2011 where we went with friends for the Annual Bastille Day celebration.

It was taken with a small sensor camera (a Panasonic Lumix ZS3 – how I wish I’d had my Sony RX100 at that time) inside a fairly dark restaurant. The light coming from the right through a window helped, but I guess I was either rushing or my technique in those days was not as good as it is now (or I would have upped the ISO, or maybe not since the ZS3 didn’t handle higher ISOs well) and the picture lacks sharpness because of a slow shutter speed. I still like it though, and pictures don’t always have to be sharp.

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