According to a post on the CT Monuments Site (Civil War Monument, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.)

The village of Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., honors local Civil War veterans with a granite-and-bronze monument in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

The monument, near southwestern corner of the cemetery, was dedicated in 1890 by the local GAR post. Inscriptions on the front (west) face include a Latin dedication, along with “Our Union Soldiers” and the following poem: “While Freedom’s name is understood, they shall delight the wise and good; They dared to set their country free and gave her laws equality 1861-1865”

The monument’s south, east and north faces feature bronze plaques honoring local veterans. The references to Greenburgh and Mount Pleasant reflect the fact that the Village of Sleepy Hollow lies within Mount Pleasant, which is just north of Greenburgh.

The monument is surrounded by a plot containing graves of Civil War veterans.

The infantry soldier was sculpted by Johnson Marchant Mundy, who was legally blind when he created the figure.

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