Came across this during one of my walks. I love old pieces of equipment – actually old things in general. I post so many landscapes that you’t think I had a passion for landscape photography, but this isn’t actually the case. At one point, enamored of Ansel Adams I thought I might be, but I’ve since realized that I actually get more of a rush out of taking pictures of old things (buildings, farm equipment, military hardware, everyday objects etc.). I’m particularly happy if I can find an interesting piece of history associated with them. If it’s a bit quirky or humorous then so much the better.

So why so many landscapes. Simple – I spend quite a bit of time walking, both for the dog and for myself. I don’t particularly like walking the dog in urban areas and I live in the Hudson Valley so there are lots of places to walk in the woods, which is what I do. Every so often I come across a discarded piece of equipment, or a ruined building, but usually it’s just landscapes. Luckily the Hudson Valley has some very picturesque scenery.

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