In an earlier post (A pleasant surprise) I mentioned a trail marked with a horseshoe. If, from the parking area, you choose not to go along this trail there is another alternative: an old woods road that once went in one direction (now blocked by the Taconic State Parkway) towards Stillwater Lake and in the other direction off into the woods to who knows where. UPDATE: I’ve just discovered that this old woods road is called Dicktown Road and the, and the trail with the white horseshoe make up the Dicktown loop. Follow the horseshoe trail and it will eventually take you to Route 301. Follow Dicktown Road east and it will eventually take you to Richardsville Road).

I followed this road today and as I did I recalled taking (in March 2013) this picture of a discarded drum. I was intrigued because it seemed such an odd object to find in the middle of the woods. It’s still there but is now virtually unrecognizable.

American Idol ends on April 7 2016. My wife likes this type of show: American Idol; The Voice; America’s Got Talent; So you think you can dance; Dancing with the Stars etc. I’ve never been a fan.

I seems to me that this old picture would be a fitting tribute to American Idol’s imminent demise.

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