I was walking along an old woods road (I now believe it’s called Dicktown Road) when I came across this enormous firepit. Someone had also made a sort of rustic bench and there was also a rusted chair nearby (see picture below). Looks like this was a regular place a party. This was confirmed by a large number of beer cans scattered around. It looks as if the place is frequently used. There were lots of footprints and tire tracks (probably from ATVs as I’ve seen them before in these woods) around.

Old Rusted Chair.

If they have to come into the woods to drink beer can’t they at least drink decent beer.

More worrying to me were the shotgun cartridges scattered around. I don’t like the idea of people with guns shooting near where I’m walking. I once heard what sounded like automatic rifle fire in Fahnestock State Park. It sounded as if it was quite a bit ahead of where I was but just the same I immediately stopped and turned around. On my way back I encountered a park employee and a local policeman who asked me if I’d heard shooting. I said I had and asked if shooting was legal in the park. They told me that it certain types of shooting (bow, shotgun, pistol) was legal, but only at certain times of the year and in certain locations (well away from the public hiking trails).

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