A nearby blue historical marker sign describes it as follows:

Established 1863

Union Cemetery

Two acres purchased, surveyed and dedicated for burials of early area families. Located just South of Foshay’s Corners on the old Dutchess Turnpike (now Route 301) on lands of Foshay and Halstead farms, incorportated May 28, 1868 as Union Cemetery Association. Ezekiel K. Merritt, Joseph Haicht, George Foshay, Henry C. Light, John A. Bennett, John Halstead and Isaac Bennett were chosen as the first board of trustees. In 1873 some removals, from the three graveyars now covered by the waters of Boyd’s Reservoir, were interred here. In 1921, more land was bought and surveyed. From this time, was commonly known as Union and Halstead Cemetery. A portion was used for other early families. By 1991 an unused part was opened to the public. A mediation garden was added in 1999.

The cemetery itself is quite small and lacks some of the large, impressive statuary that you find at the larger cemeteries. There are also no large mausoleums – just gravestones. However, I did notice quite a number of interesting small statues a few of which can be seen below (and above).

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