This is the second in a series of posts on Boscobel. The first (Boscobel – Interiors) contained a few pictures of some of the interiors. This one provides some pictures of a few of the many objects inside the house.

Above is a miniature of what the tour guide referred to as “George and his wife”. You might be excused in thinking that this meant George Washington and his wife, Martha. However, the miniature is actually of King George III and his wife Queen Charlotte. While this might seem surprising it really isn’t when you consider that the owner, States Dyckman was a committed loyalist (for more information see The Boscobel Story, 1: The Short, Troubled Life of States Morris Dyckman).

My wife tells me that this is an oil lamp. I do recall the tour guide mentioning it, but I can’t remember what he said it was.

Longcase Clock. This type of clock is often referred to as a “Grandfather’s Clock”. However, the term “Grandfather’s Clock” didn’t come into common usage until 1876 and the creation of the song “My Grandfather’s Clock” by Henry Clay Work (who also wrote “Marching Through Georgia“). The term “Longcase Clock” has been in use since 1670 and so is arguably the better term to use.

Kitchen Utensils. These were in what looked like it would have been the house’s kitchen. Apparently it wasn’t. The exhibition space next door is in what once was the kitchen. This room was instead used for the preparation of food.

Wooden Box. Again I believe the tour guide explained what this is, but I was too busy taking pictures of it to listen. I just loved the shape, the holes and the veneer of the wood. I have no idea what purpose it served.

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