Located near the Vistor’s Center at Springwood a nearby sign reads: “This statue is adapted from a 1933 photograph in the FDR Library of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt on the south lawn of their Hyde Park home”. Unfortunately it didn’t say who the sculptor was. Perhaps there was another sign and I missed it (quite possible as I had already been soaked while walking the dog and it was still raining when I went out to take this picture so I didn’t spend long outside looking).

According to Waymarking.com:

A bronze sit-by-me sculpture of Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt is base (sic) on a photograph taken on the south lawn of their home in Hyde Park, NY. Eleanor is sitting on a chair while Franklin is seated on the right side of a bench. They are seated around a small circular table which contains two closed books and an open book.

Eleanor is wearing a dress with a half-sleeve jacket. She has her hands at waist level and her legs are crossed, left over right. Franklin is wearing a business suit and tie. He has his right arm on the back of the bench and his left hand on the opened book. There is space to sit to Franklin’s right and left.

The sculpture was created by Studio EIS of New York City, cast at the Tallix foundry and copyrighted in 2008. For more information on the foundry see the 2015 New York Times article: At Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry, Master of Metals Is Artists’ Ally

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