I recently came across this video from David Duchemin. I have a couple of his books and I like the way he focuses on building photographic vision rather than the more common approach of improving photographic technique.

In the video he mentions two things, which relate to this post. The first is to look back on your work and possibly re-edit. Perhaps you’ll see pictures you didn’t like at the time but which now seem much better. Maybe you have some pictures, which with a little “tweaking” might come out well. The second is to try a black and white conversion as some pictures work better in black and white than they do in color.

I did both of these things with this picture. I’ve posted about Untermeyr Park before (see Untermyr Park, Yonkers, NY). At the time I must have been on a black and white binge since I converted pretty much all the pictures I took to black and white. I think a number of the pictures do work better in black and white so maybe I thought if I was posting some pictures in black and white I should post them all in black and white. It might have been better to just leave this one out I suppose as it clearly works much better in color. So I went back and edited it again so that I could post it again in it’s full color glory.

I see that the old post is also afflicted by my apparent need to post all (or at least most) of the pictures I took. There are eight pictures in this post – way to much! I rarely post more than five nowadays and often only one.

Taken in January, 2012 with a Sony Nex 5N and 18-55mm kit lens

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