Our basement is divided into a finished area (our TV room) and an unfinished area. A few years ago I started to use a portion of he unfinished area (used for our washer/dryer and as storage) as my workspace. Since then we’ve gradually tidied it up and made it more comfortable.

The latest change came about because we were cleaning up in the basement and I noticed a rattan shelving unit that he been used to store shoes. I asked my wife if I could have it. I’ve have photography books all of the house and I know that she was keen on me moving them into my work area. This shelving unit would be ideal. So we cleaned it up and moved it. It wouldn’t fit in the area as it then existed so I moved some of the furniture around and then moved all of my books. To make the area even more comfortable I decided to put pictures on the walls and on the doors of some cabinets we have down there. Here’s the new arrangement. I like it much more than I did before and consequently can see myself spending more time here.

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