A Spread from the Kipp School Annual Report. Designed by Gretchen H. Source: The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck. I always wonder what they really mean when people tell me their cameras are “obsolete.“. Read the post to understand the significance of the picture above.

I think what I hear when people say, “My camera is obsolete, I need to upgrade to….” is really, “I am too lazy to go out and work to get good shots. I am too lazy to perfect my technique. It’s a hell of a lot more fun to just play with new cameras. Maybe this year’s camera will have an auto-pro mode that will make my photographs more interesting.”

Great post! I agree entirely. I have lots of cameras (mostly vintage) because I like collecting cameras. But I’m under no illusions that they will make my photography better. My digital cameras are all several years old. Sometimes when I read reviews of the latest and greatest cameras I’m tempted by the lure of fancy gadgets, but then I ask myself “what will this camera give you that you don’t already have”. Usually I come up with a list of features that I don’t really need much.

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