Another series! An earlier post mentioned a book I recently acquired: Photography and the art of seeing. In that post I said:

I particularly liked the exercises he proposed, mostly in the “Thinking Sideways” section. I tend to get in a photographic rut where I take pretty much the same type of picture over and over again. I know this, but I have great difficulty figuring out how to break out. Some of these exercise offer an opportunity to do so. One example: “Lock yourself in your bathroom with a camera, a tripod, and a standard lens. Give yourself 20 minutes to make 10 pictures. This is an example I have tried with several students – the resulting slide show have been both hilarious and instructive, and the variety of pictures amazing.”

So I tried this exercise. I may have spent more than the 20 minutes allocated, but I did get 10 pictures. This is the first of them.

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