In his book “Photography and the Art of Seeing“, author Freeman Patterson presents a series of exercises aimed at enabling creativity by forcing people out of their comfort zone. One of them is: “Shoot a sunset, a flower, and the surface of backlighted water, entirely out of focus”. In “Purple flower on a background of yellow” I posted a fairly conventional picture of an in-focus foreground element (in this case a flower) with an out of focus background.

However, bearing Mr. Freeman’s advice in mind I also took this picture where everything is out of focus. Both pictures were taken in a small area of unused land by the side of a busy road in Briarcliff Manor. Not a likely location for picture taking. I applied an ‘Autochrome‘ preset in post processing and enhanced the colors in Lightroom. I’ve liked autochromes since I saw some at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I’m actually not too fond of this present, which to my mind doesn’t really provide the kind of luminous brightness that is typical of a true autochrome. In this case, however, it worked reasonably well and I like the result.

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