I came across these abandoned slippers on one of our beaches. My first reaction was that they were very “glittery” as the sun caught the speckles all over them. I tried to capture this in the picture above.

Then as I thought about it more it seemed to me that they were a little sad too – the way they had just been left behind on the beach. But how to express that? It occurred to me that if I stepped back a little and got down low I could show more of the context and that this might go some way towards what I wanted. See picture below.

I don’t think I was particularly successful in either case. The first picture doesn’t really capture the ‘sparkle’ that I saw and I’m not entirely sure what the second does, but there’s something about it that I like.

Ah well – better luck next time. In my defense it was a little difficult to take such a picture while holding the dog on a leash.

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