Actually I’m cheating a little here. The picture above was actually taken during my first visit. I know I posted a black and white version (I was on a black and white binge at that time), but I don’t think I’ve ever posted the color version. Although it works quite well in black and white in this case I think I prefer the color version. You can see this mosaic in the fourth picture of an earlier post (Untermyer gardens revisited – the walled garden). It’s part of the floor of the Temple of the Sky. The Untermeyr Gardens website says this of it:

The mosaic floor of the amphitheater was based on a wall fresco found in the ancient city of Tiryns. The fresco, thought to date from 1400-1200 BCE, depicts spirals and papyrus lotus blossoms.

The above mosaic can be found at the far end of the Walled Garden, just behind and to the right of the two sphinxes.

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