I’m fond of shadows, see:

  • Tree Shadows on a Wall
  • Early Morning Shadows at the Flea Market
  • A Couple of Shadows
  • Shadows on the Kitchen Floor
  • I took this picture of shadows falling on a red wall (a converted garage I believe) of a house only a few doors down from ours. It was taken around 5:00 pm with the sun was going down and casting shadows on the side of this building.

    After I’d taken it I had two related decisions: 1) should I keep it in its original color version or convert it to black and white? 2) should I keep or remove the meter to the left of the picture. I say that they are related because in the color version the meter was a bright blue color that made it the first thing that you noticed. So although I liked the red building I decided to try a black and white conversion. In this version the meter is much less distracting and even adds a bit of visual interest. I decided to go with B&W and to keep the meter.

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