I included this picture in an earlier post. Nowadays I usually add only one picture to a post, but it those days I used to put in more. In this particular case this picture was in a post with four others. The other four worked better in black and white and for some inexplicable reason I decided to convert this one to black and white too. I guess I must have thought that a single brightly colored picture along side four black and white pictures would be too jarring. I should have just left it out. It clearly only really works in color.

So here it is in it full glory.

Back in 2004 my wife and myself decided to head out for an Easter weekend farther north. We stayed in a picturesque Bed and Breakfast and later went for a walk around in the town. During this walk we came across this brightly painted vehicle. Although I’m not an expert in such things I believe it’s a Volkswagen Type 2, Microbus. Of course what struck me about it was the “over the top” color scheme.

Where were we staying? Why Woodstock, NY of course. It seemed to me that this vehicle came for the famous Woodstock Festival (which actually didn’t take place in Woodstock, but rather in Bethel some 43 miles away) and never left!

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