In earlier posts I’ve mentioned that my wife and I belong to the local garden club. It’s been great to be a member as we’ve met many incredible people who also belong to the club. Every year the club organizes two major events: the Christmas Party; and the Garden Tour where members visit a number of gardens belonging to their fellow members. In addition to these events there’s a monthly meeting hosted by one of the members. At these meetings there’s usually a presentation on a specific topic. Last Sunday was our turn to host the meeting and the presentation was on herbs: how to identify them; how to grow them; how to preserve them etc. About twenty people participated.

I don’t normally like taking pictures at this type of event. It’s not my preferred type of photography and I’m not particularly good at it. However, my wife wanted the event recorded so out came the cameras.

Here are a few of the members watching the presentation.

I’m British and always find it hard to understand why Americans pronounce the word ‘herb’ without the ‘h’ i.e. as ‘erb’. After all you wouldn’t say ‘erbert’ would you?

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