Taken at the park next to Scarborough Station in March, 2011. I remember that I’d taken the train home (getting off at Scarborough) and decided to take a short walk by the Hudson river to unwind and to see if there was anything worth a photograph. Two men were fishing. They each had a dog. As I walked by one of the fishermen pulled out this fish (I think it’s a striped bass). The dog (I don’t know if it was his, or his friend’s) was really excited. It’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken. I’m not good when things are moving quickly and a lot was happening at that moment: the dog was jumping up and down; the fish was flapping around on the line a lot. But I guess I like the incongruity of it. After all you don’t often see a dog mesmerized by a fish the way this one was – or at least I don’t.

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