I’d wanted to do this walk for some time. It runs near our house and is the closest access point to Fahnestock State Park. I’ve often said to friends: “It’s possible to walk into Fahnestock State Park from our house – but I haven’t done it yet”. Well now I have. I got my wife to drop me on Route 301 near the Park Office and then followed the trail all the way back to where it reaches the Taconic State Parkway. It then continues south to who knows where (I suspect somewhere near Peekskill Hollow Road). When I got to the Taconic I dashed across (luckily it was at a time of day when there was little traffic – if it had been during the peak hours I would not have tried to cross). From there it was one block to Lake Shore Road and then another 20-25 minutes to the house. All told the walk took about three hours.

During these walks you mostly see trees (standing and fallen), rocks, stone walls and the like. Sometimes you’ll come across an abandoned building or one of Putnam County’s famous stone chambers. I didn’t see any buildings or chambers (or for that matter any people), but about half way through I did come across this old vehicle. It looked as if it had been there for some time.

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