Unfortunately the Beavers seem to have disappeared. I used to see signs of Beaver activity in the form of recently chewed/downed trees. However, I haven’t seen any such activity for over a year. Maybe they’ve upgraded and moved on to larger premises.

According to Beavers, Wetlands and Wildlife beavers stay in the same wetland until the food runs out: “Beavers are vegetarians that often prefer to eat herbaceous plants, such as clover, grasses, raspberry canes and aquatic vegetation, instead of the green bark, leaves and twigs of fast growing trees, such as aspen and willows. Beaver can survive on the tubers of water lilies.They may take years or even decades”. They go on to say that beaver migrate:

By water or land, and if by land, this is where much mortality occurs from predators, such as coyotes, and accidents. They have been known to travel tens of miles. The two-year-olds usually leave home to find their own territory, and create new ponds by daming streams. At the same time, they often dig a burrow in the side of a bank, lay sticks on top and then burrow upward to start a lodge. As they build up the dam to increase the water level, the lodge becomes surrounded by water. If the waterway is a river they may just build a bank burrow.

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