My wife went to some kind of fund raising lunch here and I walked the dog while we waited for her to finish, and of course I took a few pictures of the ‘castle’. Of course this isn’t really a castle. I grew up in the United Kindgom and we know what castles are. This is more along the lines of a neo-gothic manor house.

It forms part of the Boston Post Road Historic District. A nearby information board reads:

Whitby Castle was completed in 1854 for William Chapman, a wealthy stockbroker. Chapman chose Alexander Jackson Davis, a leading Gothic Revival architect, to design his villa. Chapman later sold Whitby to Joseph Park and in 1920, the property became the Rye Country Club. The City of Rye purchased the property for a municipal club in 1965.

Although I just took this picture I had in mind something much older when I pressed the shutter release – something along the lines of an old, yellowing, faded black and white postcard.

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