We have three of these small statuettes on a small pyramid shaped shelving unit in our living room. Right next to it is a slightly taller mirror-fronted armoire on which I’m accustomed to leaving cameras so the cat can’t get at them (it’s a little bit too tall even for her, and in any case she’s shown no inclination to try to get up there. Probably for the best since if she did try to get up there she’d probably cause damage). When we have visitors my wife doesn’t like my cameras to be out in the open so I have to remove them. On this particular day I happened to glance down and notice this figure. I’d seen it many times before, but never from this particular angle. I liked the way it was peeping out from between the leaves of a couple of african violets – like some exotic figure in the jungle. I was trying to keep the face in focus while blurring the foreground and background and I pretty much succeeded I think. If I could change anything I’d try to get the figure’s right hand in focus too.

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