This is as far up as you can get on our boat: The Hornblower Hybrid:

The Hornblower Hybrid is New York’s premier eco-friendly luxury yacht. Offering 360-degree views from its Atrium Deck as well as first-class amenities, the Hybrid is truly a one-of-a-kind yacht. Versatility sets the Hybrid apart. Capable of accommodating large special events and intimate affairs simultaneously, the Hybrid caters to planners and individuals looking for the perfect venue to gather, celebrate and be awed.

Hornblower Hybrid Yacht Features
Unobstructed views from climate-controlled indoor decks
Outdoor observation decks
Customizable LED lighting to match any decor or theme
State-of-the-art sound system & HDTVs
Exterior sun decks & Sky Deck
Full bars on each deck

Length: 148 ft.
Buffet Capacity: 350 guests
Dining Capacity: 500 guests
Cocktail Capacity: 600 guests

The Hornblower Cruises and Events website refers to this top deck as the Skydeck and describes it as follows:

The Sky Deck offers full panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and all the must-see New York icons viewable from the water. The Sky Deck features film projectors, a DJ area, a state-of-the-art sound system, LED lighting, lounge furniture, and cocktail tables to fill the air with the sights, sounds and spirits worthy of a New York adventure.

I’m sure that on a balmy summer evening this is lovely, but we went in November when it was quite chilly. A few of us braved the exterior only to find that we couldn’t get back inside. We had to gesticulate to the, by then dancing, multitude to try to attract the attention of someone who could open the door. Eventually one of the dancers noticed us.

Note that the Hornblower Hybrid is only on of six boats operated by the company. For the entire fleet see here.

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